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French countryside

Poppies - Chasing the dream of building a house in France

This book is my first and is the story of how we chased the dream of building a house in the south-west of France. It covers some ten years from first deciding to buy a plot of land, the planning phase, the impact of the financial crunch, and the story up to the spring of 2017. It includes the challenges and unforeseen events and how we managed them and the current status.

This story  is set in the wonderful town of Gourdon in the Lot department, a few miles south of the Dordogne river. The town and the surrounding area has many attractions.The centre is medieval with tree lined boulevards and cafes. It is large enough to have facilities such as pompiers sapeurs (fire brigade) and a hospital, but retains the charm of a market town. In the market you can find lovely ingredients which are fresh, seasonal, and local. Some of the local restaurants showcase these.

Download your sample here.

The story is illustrated by photos, drawings, and paintings, including some of the plentiful wildlife. Samples of photos and paintings are in the slideshow below.

Also included are some of our favourite recipes using the wonderful ingredients of the region. Being a cook who is lazy and who has little skill, preference is given to recipes which are easy to prepare and many are one pot. I have included some French vocabulary in the hope it may be useful to know what to ask for.

French Property News kindly wrote a review. You can download the review here.


Download a free sample recipe here.

You can buy and download the book here.

Market scenes...

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